TWO Teknik ApS is an innovative company that produces sealants and provides solutions for indoor air problems, construction problems and working environment.

We are a company that since 2007 has produced sealing products and developed techniques to many different industries and applications. Our experience is  shaped amo. through partnerships with several of the country’s leading consulting engineers, knowledge institutes and laboratories, which means that our products and solutions are proven, tested and documented. Our skills and products have evolved specifically through the years, and today our main focus are:

  • Sealants for indoor climate problems including PCBs, chlorinated paraffins and Radon
  • Development and sales of new solutions and capabilities

SPS Primary - Sealant for PCB


PCBs in Construction

TWO Teknik is Denmark’s first and most experienced company in the sealing of PCBs in building. We have been pioneering since the very first experience was made in the treatment of PCBs to the day when a sealing solution is an inevitable part of a successful PCB renovation.


With the focus on indoor climate, we produce and sell products that effectively seal PCB´s, Lead, Asbestos ect. To schools and office environments, we also sell air purifyers that with great effect absorbs  PCB etc with large active carbon filters.


Our own product line are under constantly development and quality control, however we also offer to develop specific client products for a certain issue.We have a solid partnership with several research centers and laboratories.

We guarantee: indisputable service, the best products, high professional knowledge, strict confidentiality, and craftsmanship – that’s why we recommended by the country’s leading consultants.


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Tim Warner – Founder and CEO